Friday, September 22, 2006


Let them eat cake!

We had a great party on Saturday night. This was the "OMG, Paula Jane's finally finished her Master's degree" party and it was a blast. My Mom, who could give Martha Stewart a run for her money, insisted on making all the stuff for the party, so we had veggie trays and fruit, snacks, crackers and cheese, and six cakes. Yes, 6 cakes. At the end of the night it was very much like that Bible story about the fish and the loaves - we seemed to have just as much food as when we started (in spite the best efforts of 30 hungry party-goers), and we actually did have more wine than when we started because people brought bottles and didn't drink them. We seduced them with non-alcoholic punch that promised maraschino cherries in the bottom.

The cakes were 2 Carribean Rum cakes, a pan of brownies, lemon bars, and 2 double-chocolate cheesecakes. The cheesecake was a huge hit - it was lovely. I will provide the recipe to anyone who wishes.

Honestly, all we really did all night was sit around and eat while I revelled in the fact that there are no more revisions to be done, no more research, no more anything. The electronic copy is on file at the library, the print copy is at the bindery, and the official letter from graduate studies telling me I've met all the requirements is stuck to my fridge. Life is good.

The best thing about the party was that I really felt that everyone who was able to come was genuinely proud of me. That's a cool feeling, especially when it's people you work with or friends. Your family is supposed to be proud of you, but it's really nice to hear it from your friends too.

I also got gifties because I have the coolest friends. I got a Batman figurine that lights up and has fancy wing-movement action from a poet-friend who drove many hours to be there. Bats was attached to a bottle of wine with the charming name of Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, and I got a book of pseudo-haikus too. My friend Craig presented me with a bottle of Painted Turtle wine, a Publish or Perish blank journal, and a slightly more grown-up version of my dollar-store tiara. He always makes me feel like a princess. It's important to have at least one male friend (that your husband likes) who thinks you're wonderful. I also got a lightsabre that lights up from another friend, Tim Horton's gift certificates, lots of cards, and a turtle watch from my mother.

If you're wondering about the turtle theme, well ... it did take me six years to finish the damn degree, so it's kind of a joke, but there's another story too. I'll tell you sometime. Another friend gave me Zippy the Wonder Turtle, a plush graduation turtle complete with hat and diploma. I really need to take pictures, or at least check what's on my camera. Craig was the official photographer for the evening. He, Zippy, and the camera disappeared for quite some time, so I'm almost afraid to see what's on there.

All in all, it was the best celebration I could've asked for. Things wound down sometime after 1 am, and not everyone could be there of course, but it was still a great celebration.

Congrats! I wish I could've been there but things just didn't work out. Next milestone I promise to be there. Bat wings and all. (I'm not sure I can do any turtle things except stick my neck out).
and let me tell you, PJ, i have just discovered the joys of cat's pee on a gooseberry bush myself! in fact, i just blogged about it today without even reading yours. i find it quite delightful!

many huge congrats to you and send me one of those new business cards, dude.
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