Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year!

Another new year begins, and I have a few resolutions:

1) Write more! Read more!
2) Eat less. Exercise more.
3) Stress less. Laugh more.
4) Update my journal regularly.

Let's see if I can stick to those sticky resolutions.

Happy New Year! Good resolutions--I'm sure you'll stick to them!

I never make them because I just want to break them as soon as I make them.
Happy NY to you, too, Paula Jane! I have similar goals to your first two so maybe we can tag-team on them...

How did you do on the NaNoWriMo gig? I got only 4700 words into my YA novel. I'm hoping Colony time will at least double that...
Happy New Year!
Good to hear from everyone.

I utterly failed at NaNoWriMo. I guess I wasn't ready to sit down and focus because I wrote about 6 words, 3 of those being my name. *g*

But this too shall pass. I'm looking forward to Colony.
i utterly failed in novmeber as well! glad to hear i'm not the only one. but i also don't care. can't force it, as they say. my new year's resolution is to sip more pinot grigio and see "casino royale" once a week for the rest of the year! i'm pretty sure i can pull that off
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