Thursday, January 04, 2007


The Little Voices are Back

The thing that I like about taking classes, talking to other writers, even reading, is that it often leads to ideas. In the post-thesis phase of my life, I've been having enormous difficulty reading and writing. I was just plain tired. My brain was strained and drained. Pickled, put in a jar, and stored on a dusty shelf.

Now, I'm starting to feel the glimmer of ideas again. Woke up at 5 am with stories swirling in my head, or at least bits of them. So I got up and wrote down the pieces because I've learned not to believe I'll remember them in the morning. Maybe they won't turn into stories. Maybe they will. But the fact is, I've got the fragments of a beginning. Several beginnings. Characters waving from the shadows. Voices whispering dialogues. It's good. It's very very good.

Very good, indeed!
I know that feelings. Very good!
yet somewhere in the "brain-in-a-jar" place you've been, you've managed to send me the NICEST GIFT! thank you so much for the totally uncalled-for scrabble prezzie, you nutbar. i LOVE it, and you have just no idea how jealous my mum is going to be next time i'm up there scrabbling with her. i'll be carting that along and sipping nonchalantly from it (readers, pj sent me a big tea mug with every acceptable word beginning with Q in a scrabble game. though i must tell you, pj, that the word QI is curiously missing from the mug).
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