Thursday, January 25, 2007


When Did I Get This Old?

I'm taking this fiction writing class and as of last count, I was the second oldest student in the class. Of course, it's an undergrad class with enthusiastic young people and that's great. And it's a big class - 16 of us - which means workshopping four stories a night. Confidence certainly isn't a bad thing in a writer, especially a young one, and God knows I had a stage where everything I wrote was brilliant (or so I thought.) If I didn't have a healthy ego, I wouldn't still be doing this. Ultimately you have to believe in the value of your own work, even if no one else does at that particular moment.

But, wow - sometimes I'm astounded by the gulf between my experience and theirs. It doesn't seem that I could possibly be that much older, but apparently I am. 15 years in some cases, I'd bet. (When did that happen?) And when they ask questions about getting ideas, I remember I have a ton of life experience to draw on. I don't struggle for ideas any more - mostly I struggle with putting the words on paper and then making them into something polished. Finishing things. That's what I have trouble with.

It's an interesting class, although it feels more like a beginning fiction class than an advanced. I suppose once we actually start workshopping that might change, but in the meantime, I'm reading, I'm thinking, and oh yeah, writing! *g*

When did I get this old? That's what I ask myself every day...
Ah, but you've recently had a birthday, so we can in fact pinpoint the exact day that you became this old. (However, I suspect that's not at all what you meant.)
Now you understand how Tracy feels...

...Ah, I don't feel right about that, too easy.
Poor Tracy! Actually, no - she's pretty young at heart, and that's the key. I am actively resisting being my age, or at least being perceived that way.
I feel like I should break out into song or something.

Po, po, pitiful me.

Time is irrelevant anyway.
new stuff is how we keep ourselves young, PJ. carry on, young 'un.
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