Sunday, April 29, 2007


A Spring in My Step, Poems in Print

Hagios Press had its spring launch on Thursday and I was pleased to be one of the readers at the event. There were over 100 people in attendance, a selection of wonderful readers, and such positive support for poets. It was a joy to see!

In addition to the poem in Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets, I also have a piece at The Fieldstone Review. It's an exploration of language and colour in relation to the retirement of colours of Crayola crayons. The piece is called Burnt Sienna.

The mentorship surges onward ... I'm learning a lot about my own writing style, how I work (or don't work), want I really want to say, how difficult slaving over a keyboard can be, how sometimes I crave completion to the work and just can't find it, and how there are days when a great line can be the same as a smile. Writing is damn hard work, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

But sometimes there are cupcakes! (Alas, mine was only a virtual visual consumption. Lucky Brenda!)

As one of the over 100 people in attendance, I must say it was a joy! Congratulations, Paula Jane!

Yes, indeed I am lucky. Those cupcakes were unbelievable.
paula jane, I've been waiting for you to update for such a long time! yeah for doing the reading, yeah for everything poetic you do!

I'll email or you email me... it's overdue!

sznn from St. Pete's winter colony
writing is damn hard work, you're right, darlin. but when one is positive as you, doesn't it make it easier? :-) I'll be checking out your Fieldstone apearance, and thanks for the Unsinkable Molly Brown ephemera! (i've finally updated my blog as well)
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