Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Reading in Regina

I've been awfully quiet on here ... mostly because I've been really working hard for the SWG mentorship program these last few months. It's all culminating in the reading of the "mentees" tomorrow evening. Anyone who's in Regina is welcome to attend. The reading is open to the public and being held at the Hotel Saskatchewan at 8:00 pm, June 21. There will be three readers - myself, another poet, and a fiction writer. Also in attendance will be our esteemed mentors: Sylvia Legris, Steven Ross Smith, and Connie Gault.

I'm reading all new work - most of which feels still pretty fresh - so we'll see how things go. I like the work and I've been pretty excited about the progress I've made recently. I'm looking forward to a very writerly summer with Writer's colony and then a stint at Sage Hill.

Hope to see some of you there tomorrow night! Wish me luck!!

thinking of you today, baby. Kimmy. ps. kick ass, girlfriend!
In the cramped space similar to a phone booth, Paula Jane Remlinger rocked the house with her super-superman poems, wooed the house with her newly written poems, and wowed the house with the impressive work she's achieved over the past four months. Well done Paula Jane! You were terrific and the poems were wonderful. And yes, she kicked some serious ass.
Yay! Congratulations, Paula Jane!
Kimmy - thanks, hon! Your support has meant so much. *hugs*

Tracy - Thanks for being there! Whoo! I was really pleased, and yeah, I felt like I did in fact kick some serious ass. Just this once.

Brenda - If you would've been there, you would've been Schmidtten with my work. Seriously. :-)
From what I've heard, I believe it!
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