Thursday, December 06, 2007


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I'm figuring out it's much harder to keep a blog than I thought. I read other people's witty, insightful, or just plain interesting comments ... Brenda ... and I think, "what do I really have to say that's interesting?" Now, if I took my own advice, or rather David Carpenter's advice I wrote about in my Freelance article, I'd know that it's just a matter of finding the way in. That maybe finding the important thing to say isn't the most important thing after all. We'll see. I'm trying to make a commitment to doing this more often. Just settling down to the computer and writing.

I do still think it's easier to be someone else, someone anonymous sometimes. In this context, the only people who read this are people who already know me. There's a certain attraction in being read by people who have no knowledge of you and no expectations.

Yay! It's so wonderful to see you back blogging.

I think everything you say is immensely interesting. And being the pop culture dope I am, I'll be hanging on your every word. Speaking of which, have you seen the movie Cool Hand Luke? It came up on FB. I was clueless - big surprise - and read up on it and now I really want to see it so I get the reference. H has seen it - he's much more up on this stuff than I am. I'm sooo terribly behind...
yeah paulajane, I've been checking your blog all year long and I'm so glad to see you back on... and I agree with Brenda, EVERYTHING you say is interesting!

I find that living in isolation (artistically speaking), this blog world is incredibly interesting and helpful, esp. with competent/insightful writers such as Brenda... and I agree with her, I look to you for my P.C. education.

keep writing girl, keep writing

You guys are too kind, but I appreciate the support. And I haven't exactly been the pop culture diva I'm supposed to be on this journal, so maybe that needs to change too.

And Brenda, I've seen Cool Hand Luke, but not for a long time. I used to watch all those kind of movies with my Dad. Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, westerns, war movies. The A-Team. We bonded.
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