Sunday, February 10, 2008


And the Winner is ...

The CBC Poetry Face-Off was fabulous. I didn't win, but seriously, that's okay. (I know, I know, people always lie when they say, 'I was happy to be nominated', but considering I didn't have a good draft until last week, I really was just pleased that the poem/performance went over well.) Jennifer Still was the winner, but apparently the vote was close (or they lied to us to make us all feel better), and we all got swanky stuff from CBC. The five participants were me, Michael Trussler, Jennifer Still, Steven Ross Smith, and Mari-Lou Rowley. All wonderful performances that were completely different interpretations of the theme "heating up", and we were all complimentd by the musical stylings of guitarist Lee Kozak.

The actual program will air on CBC Radio 1 on April 12. I'll send out info a little closer to the date with a link for people who couldn't be there in person.

Special thanks to friends and family who braved the near-blizzard conditions to be there in person. It was much appreciated. *hugs*

well done PJ, well done...

how did you feel? any chance of seeing what you read?

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