Sunday, February 03, 2008


CBC Poetry Face-off Prelude

I am currently enjoying the comfort of blue leather couches in the student lounge area at St. Peter's College at Muenster. And my draft for the CBC Poetry Face-off is nearly done.

If you're curious what I've done with this year's theme of "heating up" and you're going to be in Regina on Friday, February 8, why not come down to the CBC Building on Broad Street and listen to five SK poets go head-to-head and stanza-to-stanza?

I'm kind of excited about the whole thing, especially since I'm the least experienced poet on the list. I'm still in the "thrilled to be asked" mode. The other poets are Steven Ross Smith, Mari-Lou Rowley, Jennifer Still, and Michael Trussler.

All I can tell you about my poem is that there's a robot, and electricity, and ... well, love. We'll see how to goes on Friday.

I am currently sitting on the very couch that you sat on while posting this post.

Wish I could be there!
I am currently not sitting on the blue couch, tho I could've been, but I shall be at the CBC building Friday night to cheer and I'm looking forward to hearing your poem.
go go go p.j.

you totally deserve being one of those "chosen" ones!

how is colony? I'll be in Banff on Sat or Sunday... I'll be thinking of all of you

will the face-off be broadcast online?
I am really looking forward to it. I've had my CBC soundcheck, and am safely ensconced at the hotel. I'm just going to have fun with it, and I'm reading first so I get my nervousness over early and can relax.

The program will be broadcast in April - I'll email when it will be on.
going first can be a good thing... makes the others all second-guess themselves!!

focus on enjoying the experience... esp. having a great audience, great audio (never underestimate great audio) etc.

proud of you
Thanks, Suzanne. I'm sending you mail from colony - look for it soon! Wish you could be here.
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