Friday, February 08, 2008


Poetry Night In Canada

I am safely ensconced in the hotel in Regina, and have had my absolutely fabulous soundcheck at CBC. They provide a musical backdrop for the reading, and mine is kind of funky electric guitar, 70s and technoporn and a bit of Young Frankenstein thrown in. Which makes sense because my poem is all about a boy and his robot - heating up is the theme. I caught the tale end of Michael Trussler's reading - really good stuff, but totally different style than mine, which is the whole point. Poetry can be as diverse as anything else.

So if you're in Regina, it's the CBC Galleria on Broad Street. Show starts at 8:00.

Oh I wish I could be there! Have fun!
Thank you. I know you were there in spirit - I believe I heard you howling in the wing. *G*

What's up with the butter knife? Inquiring minds ...
I'll never tell...
Ve haff vays of making you talk!
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