Thursday, August 14, 2008


Jury Duty

I've been excused from Jury Duty.

I'm actually kind of sad about that in some way. I mean, I think it would be fascinating to be on a jury, to be part of the system. (Or possibly I've just seen way too much Law and Order.) I even considered if there was any way I could manage being on a jury and work/classes too, but since I'm pretty much it for Sage Hill's employee roster at the moment, it didn't seem like a wise idea.

Still ... it would've been interesting. I actually wanted to be a lawyer at one point in my life. Went to the Terry Fox Youth Centre in Ottawa for a one week "Experience" when I was in Grade 11. The focus was The Law, and we got to go see the Supreme Court, go to Parliament, have speakers, etc. It was really great, but I think at the time I probably only saw law school as having two options - boring contracts or morally-challenging criminal law. I couldn't see myself as a courtroom lawyer, and I thought the other stuff was all too dull. Funny how things change ... now I think I'd enjoy doing work in Intellectual Property law, but honestly, Trent would strangle me if I told him I want to go to law school. *g* I think I'll stick with the MFA and this writing gig for now.

(Note my new committment to posting ... whether anyone's reading or not, well, that's another matter entirely.)

You would make an awesome lawyer! But you can't. That's all there is to it. We want you at that writing gig.

Two posts in two days! Excuse me while I fall on my head.
Yeah, I know ... posting again. It's a minor miracle. But I'm making an effort to connect with the wider world. Next post ... Olympic mascots: more agressive than usual? *g*
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