Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now is the Summer of ... Awesome!

Seriously, I love my job. Okay, so it's kept me very busy and I haven't had much time for my own writing or blogging (yet), but I like what I do. I get to meet great people, spend time with writers in a wonderful retreat, and I get to satisfy my control freak nature by making sure every detail is taken care of. For two weeks I can run on pure adrenaline, solving problems and providing support. I can tend to cut feet, unruly ghosts, persistent ticks, talks, and tacks. I can lend an ear, a hand, a stapler, a shoulder, a laptop, a smile. I can tame technology, expand the space-time continuum at breakfast, and reroute power to the warp drive ... or something like that. I can even lock myself out of my own room on the first night (one of only two rooms with an actual key!), and no one would be the wiser ... not that that happened or anything. *whistles and looks into space*

And after the two weeks, I can put away my Wonder Woman cape and take a deep breath knowing that everything went just fine. Steven definitely left me a legacy, and I'm so pleased to be running Sage Hill these days. It's made of Awesome!

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