Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I Love the Whole World

My love for the latest Discovery Channel ad is unparalleled. Seriously, my husband knows better than to change the channel or mock my singing when this comes on. It's got a great white in the commercial and I still love it. "I love Egyptian kings" - that could possibly be my favourite line just in how it's delivered. And it has Stephen Hawking going "Boom de Yada"! The song has that quality of making you feel like part of something larger, and wow, that's difficult to do in a TV commercial.

And I think I figured out why. Apparently, it's based on an old camp song, but the tune is so reminiscent of that piano piece that every kid learns even if you don't know how to really play the piano ... you know the one ... with the two parts that repeat, and kids everywhere play it over and over.

Duh, duh, duh ... da-da da-duh da-da (change key and repeat with slight variation) ... Okay, I realize that helps not at all, but seriously, listen to it and think about that piano piece and ... it's all there.

This is the link to the Canadian version on Youtube. It's slightly different from the American version. We apparently like the planet more than we like oceans. Hey, we've got oceans! I don't know why they changed that, but anyway ...

I Love the Whole World: Discovery Ad (Canada)

LOL. PJ, you are a nerd. And I say that with great affection.

I love that commercial too. I recognize the melody of the song from something we used to sing in Guides, but for the life of me I can't remember what the name of the song was.
I've been informed my knowledgeable people that the song we used to play on the piano was called "Chopsticks", and the guide song has the same tune as "Heart and Soul".

(I really am a geek. I know!!)
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I wondered if it was Chopsticks! I still can't remember the lyrics to the camp song, but it will likely come to me, probably when I finally get a moment to sleep and am drifting off peacefully...

I've had the Discovery version running through my head all day now. I particularly like the bit with the skydiver.
I like the flowers/ I like the daffodils/ I like the mountains/ I like the rolling hills/ and I like the fireside/ when all the lamps are low...

You. Are. Most. Welcome.
Thank you, Amber. And Carrie - it's not Chopsticks, although that was certainly a piano tune we played too, but this other one is "Heart and Soul" ... or as Amber points out, the guiding song about daffodils.

So cool.
I remember that song!! What a brilliant commercial!
C, A minor, F, G was the chord progression, over and over and over. I've resisted the temptation to teach the thing to my son; he'll learn it soon enough. These things don't die.
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