Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sage Hill Writing Experience Needs YOU!

Sure, the economy's in a bit of a downturn. And it's still chilly in Saskatchewan. And we've all got things that are driving us crazy, keeping us up at night, dogging our steps.

But we can still write! We can take the things we want, the things we think, the things we need to say and turn them into words, put words on paper (or screen), shape them, mould them, set them loose upon the world.

What better way to find your writer's voice than to hang out with other writers for 11 days in July. Think of it ... 39 participants from across the country, ranging in age from early twenties to seventies. Award-winning nationally-recognized faculty in poetry (Karen Solie and Daphne Marlatt!), fiction (Catherine Bush and Terry Jordan), and Writing for Young Adults (GG winner, Arthur Slade). Plus we've got the great team of Susan Stenson and John Lent coming to put our Introductory class through its paces with practice in both poetry and ficiton. Think you can only write one thing? Let them push you. You might find out something that surprises you.

And, of course, we've got Richard Ford as our special guest. Richard Ford! Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. His prose is elegance personified. One of the best writers of contemporary fiction there is out there, and he's coming to Saskatchewan to spend some time with us, talking to writers, sharing his insights. Where else can you get all this wisdom and creativity in one place?

If you've never been to Sage Hill, you should come. I went twice as a particpant and it changed my writing life. It changed the way I thought about what I was doing - it helped me to see myself as a writer.

Join us: http://www.sagehillwriting.ca

Application Deadline Extended to May 8, 2009

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